First Seasonal Title – Hot Apple Cider Brand

Christmas with Hot Apple Cider

First Seasonal Title – Hot Apple Cider Brand

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Want to warm your soul for the holidays? Unwrap the true meaning of gift giving with a treasure trove of festive tales.

Christmas with Hot Apple Cider: Stories from the Season of Giving and Receiving is an eclectic collection of true stories, short fiction, and poetry. With 55 featured authors and poets, the anthology provides a diverse and multidimensional look at the traditions, teachings, and values surrounding the birth of Jesus. Be inspired to share your own stories with the world as you discover a fresh appreciation of the holiday season.

In Christmas with Hot Apple Cider, you’ll delight in stories about:

  • An immigrant family puzzling over unfamiliar North American customs
  • Grandparents passing down a family tradition to a young grandchild
  • An octogenarian remembering the day receiving a Christmas gift was nothing short of a miracle
  • A Jewish child longing to celebrate Christmas
  • A teacher witnessing the joy of a simple gift at a Nigerian orphanage
  • A writer struggling to create a meaningful presentation about the innkeeper
  • A Mennonite teen experiencing Handel’s Messiah live at Massey Hall
  • Two women answering a call for help from a remote First Nations community

This anthology boasts inspirational stories you and your family will want to read again and again. If you like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Christian themes, and stories that make you laugh and cry, then you’ll love this must-have stocking stuffer.

Buy Christmas with Hot Apple Cider today to give yourself and your family the gift of holiday cheer!

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