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MEV-logoThe Modern English Version is the most modern translation produced in the King James tradition within the last thirty years. This formal equivalence translation maintains the beauty of the past yet provides fresh clarity for a new generation of Bible readers.

The MEV also accurately communicates God’s Word anew as it capitalizes references of God, maintaining reverence of the scripture.

“To Bible readers who value biblical truth, the MEV literally translates God’s Word in a way that preserves the message but remains readable for today’s world,” said Tessie DeVore, executive vice president of Charisma House. “And because of this, we anticipate that the MEV will have broad ecumenical and consumer acceptance.”

Editors of the MEV Bible translation represent institutions such as the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Harvard University, Oral Roberts University, Westminster Theological Seminary, and Yale University.

In my capacity as the senior editorial advisor, I want to introduce you to a fresh and exciting translation of Holy Scriptures—the Modern English Version,” said Stanley M. Horton, ThD. “It is second to none.”

While most translations are preferred for either study, reading or devotions, the MEV seeks to fulfill all of these needs in one Bible with clarity.

“I expect that this translation will be readily understood by thoughtful readers of the Bible even as they find the classic truths of eternity expressed in understandable language of today’s English speaker,” said Jonathan M. Watt, PhD, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary adjunct professor of biblical studies.

I highly recommend the MEV as a translator’s Bible for missions work to provide the Word of God to all English-speaking people around the world,” said James F. Linzey, DD, chief editor, MEV chairman, Committee on Bible Translation.

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