Becoming an Anointed Man of God

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Becoming an Anointed Man of God
Author: Dr. Theron D. Williams

A Study of King David

Dr. Williams offers a clear and concise explanation of the concept of the Anointing from a Biblical perspective. Using King David as the model, Dr. Williams shows how the anointing actually expresses itself in real life situations. We learn from this work that the anointing is far more than just a temporary and intermittent wave of emotions that come over us during the excitement of a highly spirited worship experience. But, a true biblical anointing is human acquiescence to the desire of God to express Himself in the world through a unique gift, skill, talent or character trait with which He has endowed every human being. When a man is operating in the power of his anointing, it results in the salvation, edification, and inspiration of some person, community, institution or organization, to the glorification of God.

Dr. Williams challenges us to allow God to express Himself through those gifts, skills and talents for His glory thus, transforming you into an Anointed Man of God and making our world a better place.



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