Exit Road Audio CD


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Exit Road Audio CD

Author: The Warehouse Mission Band (Krys Val, Greg Huber, Ron Farr)

The Warehouse Mission Band is a Christian Group in Cabbagetown Ontario. All songs are locally written and produced. Proceeds from the sale of this CD are used to support the marginalized in Toronto.

CD Tracks: The Last Day of Your Life; Street Music;Heavenly Dreams; The Black X; The Blessings of Your Love; Jackson’s Point; Right Road – Wrong Way; O Jerusalem! O Zion!; Snakes Alive!; The Psalm Remains the Same 23:1-6; Stop Trafficking; The Cabbagetown March; Everything Will Be Alright.


  1. The Last Day of Your Life (3:50)
  2. Street Music (4:32)
  3. Heavenly Dreams (3:38)
  4. The Black X (3:42)
  5. The Blessings of Your Love (5:52)
  6. Jackson’s Point (2:51)
  7. Right Road – Wrong Way (3:52)
  8. O Jerusalem! O Zion! (4:49)
  9. Snakes Alive! (3:31)
  10. The Psalm Remains the Same 23:1-6 (3:22)
  11. Stop Trafficking (3:36)
  12. The Cabbagetown March (1:56)
  13. Everything Will Be Alright (2:04)


About the Author

Ron Farr recently retired as Pastor of The Warehouse Mission – A Community Church in the Heart of Cabbagetown.

A retired executive and software engineer, Ron and his wife Linda dedicate their time to building a better world through Social Justice in Cabbagetown and St. James Town.


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