Fasting for Life


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Fasting for Life

Author: Francis E. Umesiri, PhD

Medical Proof: Fasting Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes

Dr. Umesiri’s teaching is based on a thorough review of over seventy years of peer-vetted and peer-reviewed studies published in reputable biomedical journals. He presents readers with clinical evidence in an easy-to-read manner with suggestions on the healing benefits of fasting. Fasting for Life will:

  • Motivate readers to add intermittent fasting to their healthy lifestyle practices.
  • Give practical suggestions on what types of fasts are most beneficial for specific healing results.


  • Presents detailed scientific evidence that intermittent fasting could reduce the risk for common health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.
  • Meets the needs of those thirty-five and older who are becoming more concerned about aging well and want a biblical perspective on fasting.
  • Provides research from the National Institute of Health and others. Also includes appropriate cautions (disease prevention vs. disease treatment and avoiding eating disorders).

About the Author

FRANCIS E. UMESIRI, PHD, is an assistant professor at John Brown University. He holds
a doctoral degree in chemistry, with research focus in medicinal chemistry. He teaches biochemistry and medicinal chemistry, among other subjects. For over twenty years he has served in Christian ministry helping congregations and campus groups embrace the practical dimensions of God’s grace. Dr. Umesiri currently ministers at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Northwest Arkansas.



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