GodSpace: Embracing The Inconvenient Adventure Of Intimacy With God


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GodSpace: Embracing The Inconvenient Adventure Of Intimacy With God

Author: Kent Keri Wyatt

Think you don’t have time or space for spiritual stuff? That intimacy with God is impossible?

GodSpace offers seven nontraditional practices that will guide busy Christians in slowing down enough to pay attention to God.

It’s not holding a set of beliefs, reading the Bible, going to church or even praying that determines how we connect with God. It’s our pace of life.

When we live hurried and distracted, we miss the chance to experience the intimacy we long for. Kent guides busy Christians in embracing the inconvenience of meeting God in seven areas:

  • Sabbath: Space In My Calendar
  • Hospitality: Space In My Home
  • Worship: Space In The World
  • Simplicity: Space In My Soul
  • Gratitude: Space In My Relationships
  • Generosity: Space In My Budget
  • Critical Thinking: Space For Faith & Doubt

Kent offers practical guidance and mentoring on spiritual practices that help us embrace the inconveniences of slowing our pace and stepping aside from our overcrowded, cluttered lives.

With abundant wit and humorous anecdotes, she shows how to intentionally let go and let God foster a deeper faith in our messy lives.



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