Jezebel’s Puppets


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Author: Jennifer LeClaire
Jezebel’s Puppets

Exposing the Agenda of False Prophets

YOU CAN’T DEFEAT WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE. Though most people are hyper focused on Jezebel—and are basing their warfare on a misunderstanding of what Jezebel really is—fewer understand the workings of Jezebel’s demonic partners in crime. The spirit of Jezebel couldn’t execute all its wicked plots without the spirits of Ahab, the false prophets, and the eunuchs. This book will fully expose this destructive team’s plan, teaching readers how to discern each spirit and defeat them!


  • This book will be of particular interest to Spirit-filled Christians and those who actively engage in spiritual warfare—both men and women.
  • Readers will be equipped to overcome the Jezebel spirit by revealing the props Jezebel uses to drive her wicked agenda forward.
  • Readers will become aware of the unknown enemies that are working behind the scenes on Jezebel’s behalf.

About the Author
JENNIFER LECLAIRE is the director for Awakening House of Prayer and author of several books, including The Next Great Move of God, Mornings With the Holy Spirit, The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel, and The Heart of the Prophetic. With a powerful testimony of God’s power to turn ashes into beauty, she shares her story with women who need to understand the love and grace of God in a lost and dying world. LeClaire is also the senior editor for Charisma magazine.


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