Jolly Jokes For The Young At Heart


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Jolly Jokes For The Young At Heart

Bestselling author Bob Phillips has compiled yet another great collection of classic one-liners and hilarious stories that will charm and delight those who are young at heart and everyone who appreciates a little laughter in their lives. These are the sorts of jokes that will put a twinkle in the eye of the experienced people who are aware of and understand the importance of maintaining a youthful, jolly spirit. Readers can curl up on a nice, comfortable couch and enjoy over 400 good clean jokes, stories, and side-splitting fun to help lift their spirits and tickle their souls. Varied enough so that readers will be able to find the right joke to suit their fancy, Jolly Jokes for the Young at Heart provides lighthearted moments for those who have been around long enough to laugh at the foibles in themselves and others.



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