Make Way for the Christmas Hush


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Make Way for the Christmas Hush

Ages: 4-12

Author: Tim Huff

“A big ‘thank you’ to Tim Huff for creating The Christmas Hush! Tim brings the craziness of Christmas into perspective and offers children and families a chance to understand what all those feelings are about… and maybe, just maybe, find that gentleness of spirit at a challenging time of the year.” – FRED PENNER, internationally acclaimed children’s entertainer

Make Way for the Christmas Hush is a timeless book for children of all ages. This vibrant and artfully crafted storybook knits together contemporary Christmas themes with traditional old-school charm. Readers quickly discover that the Christmas Hush is more than just a “what” but is likewise a “who.” While the lively story-telling and vibrant illustrations make this unique children’s book great fun, the true magic is in the tender reminder about the importance of quiet moments spent thinking of and caring for others and about the truest meaning of Christmas.

Follow adorable little Hush on his wild journey through a panorama of festive scenarios, meeting a host of characters along the way, like Hoopla, Frenzy, and Hustle and Bustle. It’s a fun and important adventure that guides children and grown-ups alike to create a special time and place set apart just for the Christmas Hush.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Tim has spent his life combining his love of creative arts, writing, and music with social justice endeavours. He has been in full-time front-line social justice work for over 30 years, serving, learning, and teaching across North America and around the world.

Tim is a much sought-after national speaker in addition to a best-selling author of books for adults and an award-winning author-illustrator of children’s books. (Find a list of his books on pages 39 and 40!) Adding to his impressive resumé of leadership and service, Tim founded and leads Youth Unlimited’s Compassion Series program for children, youth, families, and classrooms—a unique hub of creative, interactive, and relational compassion-focused resources.


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