The Wild Food Cookbook


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The Wild Food Cookbook

Author: Roger Phillips

Phillips provides an appetizing and attractive selection of recipes using the many plants, mushrooms, and seaweeds that are edible. Photos help bring these possibilities to life. Recipes range from syrups and teas to main courses. As we are beginning to rediscover the deep nutritional value of wild foods, the missing ingredient until now has been a reliable guide to deploying these healthy, natural ingredients in the kitchen. The Wild Food Cookbook will admirably fill that niche.

About the Author

Roger Phillips pioneered the use of color photography for the reliable identification of plants. He has written twenty books, including ten in the Random House garden series, which has sold over two million copies worldwide. Mr. Phillips has hosted two major TV series, BBC’s The Quest for the Rose, and Channel 4’s The 3,000 Mile Garden. Martyn Rix is a botanist and plant collector and the author of seventeen books. He worked for many years for The Royal Horticultural Society and is an independent botanical advisor.



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