A New Book of Daily Prayer

Author: Robert Benson

Pray the prayer of Christ!

The Latin word “venite” is an invitation given to pray the prayers of Christ. It is an invitation to pray the ancient prayer, until life becomes a prayer without ceasing.

Best-selling author Robert Benson brings together deep-rooted and traditional prayer practices of the Church in a volume for laypeople who want to practice daily prayer throughout the year in their own solitude. Venite offers a means of framing one’s day in the rhythm of the ancient daily prayers of the Church, and allows for participation in those rhythms by beginning the day with prayer to sanctify it; by ending the day’s work with psalms, prayers, and thanksgiving; and by committing oneself to the darkness and silence of the night with confession, forgiveness, and confidence.

Like The Book of Common Prayer, Venite is a daily book of connecting to God for people of all Christian faiths. Crossing denominational lines in spirit and in practice, it is divided into seven parts: Office, Seasons, Days of Remembrance, Canticles, Psalter, Lectio, and Prayers.

Easy-to-use and follow, Venite is an uplifting and enlightening book for all experienced in or new to sacred daily prayer.

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